Workshops & Presentations

Centre for Narrative Coaching & Mediation deliver leading edge workshops, presentations and seminars to the general public, and businesses/organisations  on a range of subjects including addressing work stress, marital/couple issues, change management, mediation / conflict resolution.

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Dr Alladin rejects the "no gain without pain" mentality and is not wedded to conventional approaches. There is, he believes, a better and easier way: Narrative coaching. More and more people are recognising it is time to stop treating social problems with pills or psychotherapy. Dr Alladin is an Empsy® Narrative Coaching Psychologist, who uses a unique approach developed by his mentor Professor Ho Law the originator of Empsy® Empowerment Psychology and a world class leader in Narrative Coaching. Narrative Coaching is tailored to fit your particular circumstances and can help you to change the story of your life for the better and much sooner than most psychotherapies because it is NOT a psychotherapy though its effects can be powerfully therapeutic and transformative.  Dr Alladin’s own personal philosophy can be summed up in the motto: "Live, Love and Laugh".  As a presenter he has been described as 'lively and charismatic', 'enthusiastic, energetic and inspirational'. No wonder several of these popular workshops have been oversubscribed.

He has worked for many years as a teacher, university lecturer and as an NHS consultant and staff trainer and knows a thing or two of how to strategically make a little change to make a big difference in people’s lives before they reach the tipping point of no return. His distinctive approach to workshops is based on a synthesis of radical new approaches drawn from the best brains around the world, blending this  with the unique Empsy® Empowerment Psychology brand, moving away from the tiresome focus on symptoms, problems, psychotherapy, illness models and into the exciting and transformative approach of narrative coaching, empowerment and a solution based focus. You can learn more about the Empsy® Empowerment Psychology at


Current Workshops & Presentations

The following are a selection of current workshops which are available. However, workshops can be developed according to your specific requirements.

These workshops are designed for those who are seeking solutions to their problems or those who professionally help others. As such they are suitable for CPD, and training is provided at a beginners, intermediate or advanced level.

Presentations and Workshops 

  1. Mindfulness Based Narrative Coaching for Work Stress: Building Resilience, Finding Joy & Satisfaction
    This workshop is designed for all participants who have experienced work stress or professionally help others deal with it.

  2. How to Fail Spectacularly in Love, Life & Work Without Really Trying: Perceptual Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (PCBC).
    Designed for the general public and organisations.

  3. The Mindfulness and Narrative Coaching Way of Creatively Managing Your Anger
    Coaching for individuals and organisations to rebuild a harmonious life and a harmonious organisation.

  4. Joy & Peace in Your Relationships: How the One of You Can Make it Better for the Two of You – The Narrative Mediation Model
    Designed for individuals, the general public and organisations.

  5. Assertive Skills: Stand Up, Speak Out and Talk Back!
    Designed for organisations/businesses and individuals.

Workshops are delivered over 1, 2 or 3 days, mid-week or over weekends, and either 'in-house' or at a convenient location.

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