In a world changing at an alarming pace, businesses pushing employees past their limits, family finances being squeezed and endless other daily pressures, it is hardly surprising that from time to time everybody needs a helping hand. It is our experience and professional opinion that most people do not necessarily NEED therapy. Most people are NOT disordered, though their lives may be a mess. They do NOT need FIXING. Please note, if you have mental health problems which require psychotherapy or clinical services, sorry we do not provide them and you are advised to contact your GP or other mental health professional for advice and onward referral.

As a private business, Centre 4 Couples Stress (rebranded as Centre for Narrative Coaching & Mediation) is able to offer the general public timely access to high quality narrative coaching services, with typical first appointments usually within a week, and either subsequent weekly or monthly sessions (agreed by both yourself as the coachee and your Narrative Coach at the first session). However, in our experience, most people only need one course of narrative coaching which is SIX SESSIONS. We have no desire to complicate your life as the mental health industry sometimes does, or encourage you to become a coachee for life. Narrative coaching is not life coaching or coaching for life. If that is what you want, please look elsewhere.

We highly value the coachee’s' right to their privacy and confidentiality. All our services are delivered in non-clinical discreet settings or if you prefer at your workplace.  In fact, because all appointment bookings and payments are carried out online, your only contact with Centre for Narrative Coaching & Mediation will be with your Narrative Coach on the day of your appointment.  If you would like to have a brief discussion prior to an appointment, please leave a message on 07770901668 or 01724 761204 and Dr Alladin will be pleased to call you back.



Narrative Coaching Practice Director:

Our Narrative Coaching services are led by Dr WJ Alladin BA (Lond), MPhil (Lond), PsyD (Hull), C.Sci, C.Psychol, AFBPsS, FEPN

Dr W J Alladin (S) 2018_pp.jpg

Dr Alladin is a retired  consultant  psychologist, chartered with the British Psychological Society, with over 27 years experience  helping literally thousands of clients overcome and manage life's problems, that is, over a staggering more than a quarter of a century! 

He is the Founding Editor in Chief of ‘Counselling Psychology Quarterly: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice’ and Consulting Editor of the BPS Transpersonal Psychology Review and an Empowerment Psychology coaching psychologist and is therefore in touch with the latest developments in holistic well being and narrative coaching.  He is also a Founding Member of the British Psychological Society’s Special Group in Coaching Psychology &   The Crisis, Disaster & Trauma Section.  He  is a chartered psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society(BPS). He is an Honorary Fellow of the Empowerment Psychology Network (Cambridge). Dr Alladin is proud and honoured to be a Founder Member of the Empsy Psychology Network (see www.empsy.com). He is also a Chartered Scientist with the Science Council.

Originally from Malaysia , he was also a member of the Institute of Directors (IoD) for many years, with wide experience of occupational stress. He has been consulted by personnel from international and multi-national companies, and by the legal profession in cases of breakdown following work stress induced trauma. He is the author of a number of learned papers, book chapters including Cognitive Behavioural Group Therapy in UK and is co-editor of the critically acclaimed book 'Bridging East-West Psychology and Counselling', Sage 2010 and an invited author of a chapter of death and bereavement in the world class best seller 'Death & Bereavement Across Cultures', Routledge, 2015. He has promoted the Alladin Existential Model of Helplessness and Hopelessness at conferences and workshops in his contribution to reducing self-harm and preventing suicide by transforming helpless and hopeless narratives into empowering, more healthy and hopeful narratives. In his view, it is often a mistake to regard all self-harm and suicide attempts as medical or psychiatric problems. In his decades of experience, the problems of living and meaning of life often respond better to Narrative Coaching. He is a leader in the field of transforming Post Traumatic Stress ‘Disorder’ into Post Traumatic Growth,  having been the Co-Guest Editor of 'Post Traumatic Growth & Spirituality'  for the BPS Transpersonal Psychology Review (2016).  He has been the promoter of the holistic  ethno-biopsychosocial model which has attracted interest across the world.

He is the originator of Perceptual Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (PCBC) which, in his experience, produces faster and more permanent results. It is more user friendly as it starts with the coachee’s perspective and does not impose a deficit or medical model but teases out their problematic or’ stuck’ narrative, and is solution focused, unlike traditional CBT which is still stuck with medical model narratives, and which he has successfully applied to a range of clients and even to those on the Autistic Spectrum.

Dr Alladin has a currently portable enhanced DBS clearance  and Professional Indemnity Insurance (2018-2019).