Make a Booking

Firstly, thank you for choosing to book an appointment with us.

We aim to give our clients instant access to see what appointment slots are available, and for them to be able to book an appointment at a reasonable time of the day and not be tied to a 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday telephone appointment booking service. However, because of limited availability you may not get an appointment at the day and time of your choosing but if this happens and we need to reschedule your appointment, we aim to inform you within 48 hours of your booking. To increase the chances of getting your booking confirmed for the day and time of your choice please try and book at least 2-3 weeks in advance.

We also want the actual appointment session on the day to be fully focussed on helping the client and not sorting out payments or other paperwork, and therefore at the time of booking you will be asked for payment via a secure section of our website. Taking payments in advance also cuts down the number of clients who do not show up for an appointment on the day, therefore enabling us to be even more efficient.

We have tried to make the booking process as straightforward and efficient as possible, but if you have any suggestions regarding how we can further improve the process, we’d love to hear from you, so please contact us.

Before making a booking you must read and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

The booking process is very simple:

Visit our Calendar page

  1. Select an available date and time from the calendar.

  2. You will then be asked to either log in, or if this is your first time making an appointment you will be asked to register

  3. You will then be directed to our secure online payment page (accepts PayPal and all major credit/debit cards)

  4. Your booking will then be complete and you will recieve a confirmation email regarding your appointment time, and payment confirmation

  5. If there are no spaces available, please call 07770901668 and leave a message with your name and number and Dr WJ Alladin will be pleased to call you back.

If you require any further help or information regarding our booking system, please see our Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) page.  If you still need help or support, please feel free to contact us

We look forward to welcoming you to your appointment.