** "It's incredible, you have made sense of the mess in my life. I've made more progress in just one session with you than with someone else in a whole year!"

"Thanks for saving our marriage. The woman I married is back!"

** "You helped prevent our employee from a full blown breakdown. He has a more relaxed approach to work now."


** "Thank you for helping me move forward with my traumas and depression over the years. I remember the difficult situations when I called upon your services and even just speaking to you, I felt calm and peace of mind. The clinical hypnosis helped me focus on my studies, pass my driving test, stay calm in handling my personal and professional problems. Your wisdom and deep knowledge of spirituality helped me change my live for the better in relationships, family issues, my studies,my work and my social life. You brought out the best in me and with your coaching helped me realise my potential more fully. I hope that much more people benefit for your expertise and wisdom."

** "Life is good, thank you, has been stressful but after therapy with you I have been able to manage it..... I would not be where I am without your help and you gave me the tools to help me 'fix' myself and continue doing so. I will be forever grateful. Thank you again....."