Privacy Policy

Centre 4 Couples Stress acknowledges that your privacy is very important. We take care to protect client confidentiality in accordance with Counselling and Psychotherapy guidelines. These guidelines serve to protect your confidential material and ensure the integrity and professionalism of your Counsellor/Psychologist.

Fair Collection and Use of Personal Information

Centre 4 Couples Stress will only collect information that is considered necessary for the effectiveness of counselling, psychotherapy and coaching sessions. The Counsellor/Psychologist may keep information about their current and former clients stored in a secure file in order to keep a record of their sessions.

Centre 4 Couples Stress may also ask the client during the session for information about themselves regarding age, gender, and issues they would like to discuss. The use of information is to provide the best possible service to the client, to be there as a support, and to protect the safety and well-being of the individual client.

Disclosure of Information

Centre 4 Couples Stress will only disclose personal information if necessary; if either Counsellor or client is at risk of harm; if there is a suspected case of child abuse or alleged child abuse, known or suspected case of adult or elder abuse, or if there is a threat to self-harm.

Upon receipt of a subpoena from a judge in a UK court of law, your Counsellor/Psychologist will be bound by British Law to release your records. It is therefore important that you let your Counsellor/Psychologist know of any impending court case.


Centre 4 Couples Stress keeps all client information confidential. When possible, Centre 4 Couples Stress will advise client's of confidentiality and the importance it has on the individual counselling sessions.

Any discussions during counselling sessions will be strictly confidential. However, there are certain exceptional circumstances in which information may be disclosed to a third party; if a Counsellor/Psychologist receives information regarding money laundering or a proposed or actual act of terrorism, he/she is required by British Law to share this information with the police.

Each Counsellor/Psychologist receiving Supervision from a qualified supervisor will always protect your identity.

Ethical Statement

All work is to highest ethical standards. Your privacy and culture will be respected at all times. Your details and communications will remain confidential between you and your Counsellor/Psychologist. We will be obliged to break confidentiality if you have indicated that there is a risk of harm to yourself, or someone else, we are then required by ethics to seek advice and guidance from other professionals. We would of course try to discuss this beforehand with you to obtain your consent.

Data Quality

Centre 4 Couples Stress will always ensure personal information is gathered accurately. Any personal data retained by your Counsellor is kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. If you have any questions about privacy please contact us at: