Narrative Coaching & Mediation Services

A selection of very common life challenges which Centre for Narrative Coaching & Mediation can help their valued clients deal with are, in common terminology:

Narrative Coaching

helps, in a highly respectful way, of assisting and supporting our clients to make changes to their lives, or to realise their ambitions, fulfil their potential, to be happier, less stressful, more peaceful, sociable, or fun, etc. 

You may feel damaged and even destroyed by what has happened in your life. But we do not see you as deficient or as a diagnosis or as weak.

We seek to empower, or if you prefer, re-empower you. We seek to bring out the best in you, which is already in you but which may have been obscured by the pain and pills in your life. We seek to bring out your resilience (we cannot give it to you, they are not pills and you are not necessarily medically ill when you feel ill). In Narrative Coaching we help you to re-frame and re-cognise the resilient you: we help to bring our the greatness that is in you. You will likely never look the same in your mirror again.

We do not focus on your (mental) symptoms. We are quite frankly, not much interested in the smoke (screens) in your life which to put it bluntly may be nothing more than a lot of hot air and a by-product. We are interested in the out of control burning fires, that may be scaring you and scarring you for life. There is a better and different way. We want to support you and help you wake up to your better self. We don’t know better than you. We are not the expert on you, and so we aim to partner you on your journey of self-discovery. There is no need for recovery. You are not a broken down car and we are not the AA or RAC!

We will not be doing an assessment on you. This is, we repeat, not a counselling or clinical or psychotherapeutic service which if you need it, you can find elsewhere. You already know what is not quite ‘right’ with your life. We want to be invited to come on board with you, by you and share your journey and respectfully show you that there is more than one road you can travel and cross and not feel stuck at the cross-roads of life. Reflect on what we have said. Can you now see that Narrative Coaching is a different way of Being and Seeing. Not a way of replacing one creaking medical model (ills for social ills ?!) with another psychological model (psychotherapy that is based on deficits, disorders and still wedded to the out dated medical model of the establishment and the diagnoses required by some insurance companies who won’t pay if you don’t comply with the medicalised approach to life.

How to Book

Our client focussed, professional and friendly one to one sessions are delivered in our comfortable and discreet non-clinical setting in Northern Lincolnshire, with all appointment bookings and payments carried out online via our secure website.  To book your first appointment, please visit our booking page, or for further information please feel free to leave us a message.

All communication is kept strictly private and confidential (please see our ‘Privacy Policy’ and 'Terms & Conditions' for more details).

We look forward to meeting you soon.

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